Tudas Team

Tudas Team

Jeffrey Tudas, CFP®, MBA


Is this whole money thing just plain overwhelming for you?

It can be confusing. And as a result, too many people rely on commercials and magazines to guide their investment philosophy. The results are often not pretty.

So, when I became an advisor, I vowed to spare my clients from the misinformation and manipulation that so many have to deal with.

And this is how…

It starts with clarity. And not just about the money. It’s what the money means to you. Our financial decisions affect and are affected by so many other aspects of our lives. It can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where I come in. I can help you get clear about what matters in your life, so the path we set for you is fully aligned with who you are and what you stand for. It happens to be a passion of mine, because it is also part of my journey.

It began with my love for problem solving, a skill that was enhanced by gaining my BSc in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University back in 1979. The human element was missing, however.

Looking for more human connection, I then went into technical sales at Nalco Chemical. I worked my way up through the company, but something just wasn’t right. The apparent pressure to sell rather than impact peoples’ lives weighed heavily on me. I felt like a fish out of water.

Inspired as I am by people who take a risk and venture out on their own with a vision and passion, I took a leap of my own. In 2000 I got my MBA from Rockhurst University and then, through self-study, I became a Certified Financial Planner in 2003. This set the stage for a new and deeply fulfilling path.

I have never looked back since. It’s the best decision I ever made (apart from marrying my wonderful wife, MaryBeth).

I get to positively impact people’s lives every single day, and that is extremely satisfying. MaryBeth and our four grown children (Jessica, Blair, Ryan and Sean) are certainly happy about that too because I am a lot more fun to be around.

And along with this, I get to live a philanthropic passion of mine – helping active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. I deeply respect those who fight for our freedom. I got this passion from my dad who served on the front lines in WWII and who inspired me with his stories. And I’m so proud of Ryan who has carried that inspiration forward by serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps as a UH-1Y Helicopter pilot.


Fun facts:

I love fly-fishing (got that from my dad)

I admire Ronald Reagan more than anyone can imagine

Tennis is my favorite sport

I jumped out of a plane…….once

Kolbe 9714 (which makes me a bit of geek)

Myers Briggs ISTJ

I love a good challenge

I am obsessed with military history

I am fascinated with how our country was formed with great sacrifice and amazed at the intelligence of the framers of our Constitution

Grant Montgomery

Financial Advisor

I’m a solution finder at heart.

My 20 years of military service taught me the importance of effective problem solving. As a United States Army veteran and an officer in the field artillery branch, patriotism and service have always been my passion.

As a trusted leader in the Army, I was involved with planning, training, and executing combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was my responsibility to make sound decisions for individuals and for the entire unit’s mission. I loved the challenge of constantly making things better for all involved.

All of this created a strong foundation for my career as a financial advisor. I carry this attitude of service to people and to the Nation into my work each day. I love nothing better than to improve my clients’ lives and to help them feel truly empowered to achieve what they never thought possible.

My love for financial management began early. I was 18 when I invested my life savings (the mighty sum of $1,000) in a mutual fund. I was thrilled to feel as if I was at least beginning to take control of my finances while enjoying the benefits of compounding interest. This passion remains with me, and you can bet that this had grown a lot by the time I stepped into financial services.

As an advisor at Infinitas, I work directly with you to evaluate your situation and develop solutions to your unique challenges—this is the most important conversation. I want to learn about you, and together we can highlight your financial goals, objectives, and needs, and then construct a path to get there. And then I’ll help you stay on track, because, as we all know, life happens despite our best plans.

I work with people from all walks of life—from executives, business owners, military service members, and veterans by helping them plan and then stay on track with their financial plan for retirement.

The Army taught me to live by the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Grateful as I am for all I have gained, I feel proud to be able to live a core passion of mine: supporting veterans and the military community as a member of local area veteran service organizations.

The greatest joy and inspiration in my life is my family—my wife Christina, two daughters (Cassidy and Allison) and one son (Jackson). The best part of my life is with them: attending their practices, games, events, and being there to watch each of them grow as individuals. Whenever I am not involved in family, parish, or veteran activities, I transform into the shade tree mechanic and I get to pull out my wrenches and work on my car.

Here at Infinitas, I work closely with Jeff Tudas to provide you with financial planning advice that is personalized, comprehensive, and objective. I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you and discover how to partner with you to achieve your financial goals.


Fun facts

Kolbe 9614 (so like Jeff Tudas, I’m a bit of a geek)

I’m a car nut. Got that from my Grandfather. (If you can’t find me on a weekend, I’ll be turning wrenches in the garage)

Love, love, love learning about new technology, from computers to cars and everything in between

I know how to live below my means (I can show you how)

I am an active churchgoer

In case you hadn’t already guessed, I’m very family-focused


Professional Achievements:

  • 20-year United States Army veteran served as an officer in the Field Artillery branch
  • Earned numerous awards including the Bronze Star Medal, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals
  • MS degree in project management, University of Maryland Global Campus
  • BS degree in computer science, University of Tennessee
  • FINRA Series 6, 7, 63, and 65 securities registrations

Tom Laming

Research Affiliate*

* Not affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network®
Mr. Laming is a private investor and consultant. He previously was a Lead Portfolio Manager with Scout Investments. Prior to joining Scout, Mr. Laming was President and Chief Investment Officer of TrendStar Advisors LLC, a firm he founded in 2003 and sold to Scout. For 10 years he was the Chief Equity Strategist with Buffalo Mutual Funds. He was previously a technology analyst with Waddell and Reed. Prior to entering investment management, he was a spacecraft design engineer with Martin Marietta in Denver and with TRW in Houston and Redondo Beach.
Mr. Laming’s board experience includes service to public and private entities including his role as a Director and Chair of the Finance Committee of Preferred Physicians Medical until PPM’s acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway, and as Chair of the Committee on Audit Review for Sigma Xi, a scientific research honorary society.
Mr. Laming holds an MBA from Indiana University, an MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS with highest distinction in Physics from the University of Kansas.
Mr. Laming is not affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network.

Aubree Priest

Director of Wellness

Aubree joined Infinitas two years ago and quickly took on the role of “Director of Wellness” in making sure that “everyone is taken care of.”  Two days a week, Aubree keeps all drinks and snacks stocked, maintains the conference rooms so they are well kept and professional-looking, distributes the mail, and helps prep for client meetings. She also helped kick off the well famous “Smoothie Day” for her coworkers. 

Aubree’s family members are the most important people in her life, and she enjoys watching two of her favorite sports teams with them, Kansas City Chiefs and Royals. She is currently in a weekly bowling league. Aubree also participates in Special Olympics each year in bowling and bocce.

Chelsea Gilmore

Office Coordinator

Chelsea is the office coordinator for Infinitas. She ensures that the front office operations run smoothly and support other business activities as needed. She communicates with clients and guests face-to-face and over the phone with a warm greeting and friendly hello. 

Chelsea is currently pursuing her BS in digital marketing and expects to graduate in early 2021. She is a highly driven business professional with a background in customer relations and e-commerce management. Her prime objective has been to deliver memorable work that meets business needs through dedication, passion, experience, strategy, and striving to embody servant leadership. She is a Kansas City native – born and raised!