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Michelle Poston



Michelle has been in the financial industry since 2005 and with Infinitas since 2009. She is passionate about working with her clients to create an awareness of what is financially possible. Through the planning process she works alongside her clients to identify and prioritize their personal goals and desires so they can build wealth with purpose. Michelle graduated from UMKC with a Bachelors in Finance and a minor in Economics. In 2016, she became one of only 23% of women who are CFP® professionals.

It's time to discover
the future you envision.

Let's work together to discover the future you truly desire by identifying and prioritizing your personal goals and desires.


As a trusted confidant, I walk side-by-side with you through life’s transitions to help relieve financial stress and build confidence.


Ultimately, you should feel confident in the financial decisions you are making today so that you can enjoy your successes tomorrow


From the very first time we met Michelle we immediately saw her warmth and genuine desire to help us wisely and productively navigate our retirement future. She is incredibly bright and has great knowledge in the investment world. She is easy to talk to, an excellent listener, and wise beyond her years! She is always available for us, to ease any sudden concerns that pop up on life's journey! We are so grateful and confident about our future! That is a direct result of her wise guidance!

The statement was provided 10/31/2023 by Stephen and Janis Leone who are clients. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed.

Together, let's explore what we can achieve.


Dream big. Think about what you want in life now and later down the road. Set aside obstacles and identify your true desires.


Use your value system to decide which goals are most important to you and which deserve the most immediate attention.


Take the fear out of your financial future by identifying practical next steps to help you along your journey of attaining joy in life.

Managing your finances can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Working with the right financial advisor can relieve stress and build confidence in your financial decision-making. My role is to walk alongside you, listen with no judgement, and explain things clearly to you. My simple process is truly focused on helping you align your financial decisions with your values.

More About Michelle

Michelle has been in the financial industry since 2005 and with Infinitas since 2009. She graduated from UMKC with a Bachelors in Finance and a minor in Economics.


Shortly after graduating, she married her high school sweetheart. They were blessed with their first baby boy, Aiden, in 2008, her second son, Mason, in 2011, and in 2017 she had her third son, Sylas. They also have two adopted dogs!


Like most parents in the thick of it she spends her evenings and weekends at her kids' various extracurricular activities.


As a busy mom focused on a fulfilling life, she enjoys being able to positively impact the lives of her clients, family, and friends.

Mom, Wife, and CFP®

As a mom and wife, Michelle completed the training and studying for the CFP® board exam over 2 years while continuing to work full time and focus on her family.


In November 2016, Michelle passed the CFP® board exam to become one of the only 23% of CFP® professionals who are women.


Although many professionals may call themselves “financial planners,” CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards. They understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and know how to make recommendations in your best interest.

With years of experience as a financial professional and a working mom, Michelle knows that women face unique financial challenges and she strives to help her clients feel confident in the future they envision!

Image by Kelli McClintock

Explore Your Financial Future With Michelle

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